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  4. Butter

“This is an awesome tutorial”

The welcome sequence should be 5-7 emails, covering the following. You can write it out in Google Docs for now, or you can write it right in ConvertKit or Mailchimp.
  • Email 1: Get to know you email, build trust, be authentic
  • Email 2: Amazing Value, Get them excited that they found you, and communicate your expertise
  • Email 3: Agitate their problem, reveal gaps and holes that need a solution and communicate that YOU are the answer (subtly, people!).
  • Email 4: Create demand for your services and deliver more value, help them feel the need for what you offer, and communicate your value and expertise (again).
  • Email 5: Take Action, tell them exactly what they need to do. Get them to book a call with you and communicate urgency. You can also handle some of there objections here.
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Use this swipe file to help you comment on and respond to questions and inquiries, and contribute to conversations on Facebook. Having some starter content to work with makes it so much easier to get going!
We also recommend going into these groups with a buddy or a wing wo­man! Someone who can refer you, tag you on posts that they think you would be good to respond on, and each time they comment, it bumps the post up!
You can also talk about your network and team ­ make it more than just about you! Here are some scenarios that we commonly run into in Facebook Groups.

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